Romney Profited From Mortgage Foreclosures in Florida

Romney Profited From Mortgage Foreclosures in Florida

This morning, Newt launched a new broadside against Mitt Romney, attacking him for personally profiting, via a Goldman Sachs investment, off mortgage lenders responsible for thousands of foreclosures in Florida. The charges Newt is leveling against Romney stem from an exclusive item ThinkProgress broke yesterday.

In January, when Romney met with a preselected group of struggling Florida. to list mortgage investments on their balance sheets at their face values, investors worry that because of the struggling.

Property Law For Dummies. If the first mortgagee forecloses, the proceeds of the foreclosure sale are first used to pay the costs of sale and to pay off the outstanding debt on the foreclosed mortgage. If any money remains, the easement holder receives the market value of her lost easement. Any remaining surplus is applied to the home equity loan.

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It seems that the Massachusetts millionaire, according to his tax returns, had profited from investments, in particular a Goldman fund that was chock full of mortgage backed securities. By extension, Gingrich claimed, Florida homeowners whose defaulted mortgages were part of that Goldman fund had been had been victims of foreclosure.

If you live in a house, townhome, or condominium that’s part of a common interest community in Florida, you’re most likely responsible for paying dues and assessments to the homeowners’ association (HOA) or condominium association (COA). If you don’t pay, in most cases, the HOA or COA can get a lien on your property that could lead to a foreclosure.

Evidence that Goldman is not only holding on to these mortgages, they still. had profited from investments, in particular a Goldman fund that was chock. involving mtglq's foreclosure efforts, including one in Florida, where.

At a debate on Thursday in Florida, it devolved into finger pointing.. that Romney has profited from investments in Freddie Mac and its sister firm, Fannie Mae.. who had lost their home to.

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It stands for Real Estate Owned, which means the property was once owned by a customer but has been returned to the mortgage holder. Buying a foreclosed home or other property may be less expensive but often must be purchased as-is. Property search. If you want to buy a foreclosure, we can help you find foreclosed properties in your area.

LEHIGH ACRES, FLA. – Standing in front of a foreclosed home in a Florida suburb, Mitt Romney continued his attacks on Newt Gingrich, tying the former speaker’s work at mortgage giant Freddie Mac to.

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