Voters trust the Democrats to handle health care and immigration

Voters trust the Democrats to handle health care and immigration

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in looking at whom Americans trust to handle health care, by a large margin voters trust democrats far more than Republicans or the president on handling health care issues — in fact of all the major.

The Democratic view on immigration is based on the idea that the United States is a country based on immigrants, and as such it should value and support its present and future immigrants.

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.on Trust to Handle Health Care Issues; ACA Ranks Lower Among Health Issues Voters Want of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, identify access and affordability of health care and the other health policy issues, more voters say they trust Clinton to do a better job than say they trust.

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Even on health care, Republicans are favored, albeit slightly: 45% of all voters trust Republicans to handle health care and 41% of voters trust Democrats. The problem for Democrats is more their weakness than Republicans’ strength. "There is enormous frustration. for Congress in general.

With this dramatic reversal on which party the American people trust to handle health care, Republicans now lead Democrats on nine of the 10 issues the people deem most important: health care, the economy, education, national security, abortion, social security, taxes, immigration and.

Health care, immigration, and President Donald Trump brought voters to the polls on Tuesday with record-level enthusiasm for a midterm election. "I do believe the Democrats want universal health care in the long run, and I believe that’s what we should have." "There’s a fire under people to get out.

The immigration section of the 2016 platform didn’t use the word illegal, or any variation of it, at all. This combination of Latino and corporate activism made it perilous for Democrats to discuss Surprisingly, Putnam’s research suggests that greater diversity doesn’t reduce trust and cooperation.

Voters trust Democrats more than Republicans on handling health care (44-36), immigration (44-36), energy policy (43-35), and helping the middle class 47-34). But Obamacare remains deeply unpopular with the public. Only 38% approve of how Obama is implementing the federal health-care.

Democratic voters are overwhelmingly focused on health care, according to HuffPost/YouGov polling taken throughout the summer and fall, while Republicans are most What Americans say matters most has fluctuated modestly throughout the year, with health care and immigration both being top issues.

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